Wuhan Locked Down After Four New COVID Cases
Posted 29,July

By Chehan Jayasuriya

In International News

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Keeping in line with China’s “Zero Covid” strategy, millions were placed on lockdown in the city of Wuhan following the discovery of four asymptomatic Covid cases.

Accordingly, residents of the Jiangxia district have been ordered to stay inside their homes or compounds for three days.

China’s “Zero Covid” strategy has led to mass testing, strict isolation rules, and local lockdowns. As a result, China has been able to control the pandemic with far fewer deaths than other countries. However, at present, China is facing backlash on its strict Covid policies, as businesses and people continue to strain in the face of restrictions.

Wuhan became known as the epicenter of the virus, with scientists discovering the earliest stages of the virus in the city. However, China came to be known as a Covid success story, owing to their strict control measures. As a result, China was able to lift restrictions earlier than many other countries.

However, owing to its “Zero Covid” policy, China has found itself in frequent lockdowns, unlike other countries that are trying to live with the virus. Shanghai, China’s financial capital with 25 million residents, recently emerged from a two-month lockdown.