Tokyo Cement To Address Cement Supply Shortage 
Posted 27,October

By Chaveendra Dunuwille

In Local News

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According to Tokyo Cement Chairman Dr. Harsha Cabral PC, the company has taken several immediate measures to address to cement shortage in the country. 

The Chairman stated that they are operating their cement manufacturing plant in Trincomalee at its maximum capacity of 170,000 MT per month, thus, allowing Tokyo Cement to supply cement to the whole nation at the highest output. 

Apart from the manufacturing plant, the company has continued to import around 30,000 MT of cement per month via the Tokyo Cement Colombo Terminal. The government has also requested that the company import an additional 12,000 MT of cement as part of an immediate contingency plan to alleviate the cement shortage. 

The Chairman stated that the cement shortage currently experienced by the country is not solely due to the lack of manufacturing capability. He noted that the unavailability of bulk cargo carriers for imports and delays in the banks due to forex shortages are significant contributory factors to the deficit.