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The Market & The Pandemic: Expecting The Unexpected 
Posted 28,April

By Chaveendra Dunuwille

In Local News

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Since November 2019 the world has been under siege by an invisible enemy, a  novel threat never before seen has claimed the lives 3.14 million people all across  the globe and unfortunately is still continuing to rise as governments struggle to  deal with the second and in some cases the third wave of the Corona virus  pandemic.  

The impact on the economy of the world was nothing short of devastating,  production of non- essential items was brought to near zero levels and trade all  across the globe was restricted. Under similar circumstances investors and  market observers would correctly determine a downturn in the market, and in  almost all such situations that has proven to be the case. But recent events have  gone on to show that the market still has a few surprises in store for investors.  

A deviation from the status quo can clearly be observed when analysing the  market movements of the 28th of April, 2021. Despite a resurgence in the  pandemic the Sri Lankan market reported the end of day trades in a high note.  It must be mentioned that a reason or a justification cannot be expressly stated  for the behaviour of the market for a particular day.  

But if one was to make an assumption based on the facts at hand it could be  stated that the market movements on the 28th is an absorption of the selling  pressure that had been building up for the past couple of days with recorded  downturns in trade.  

Another possible reason for unexpected surge could be attributed companies  considering the time frame the most ideal to make investments as company  reports are expected to be presented next month. A visible example of such a  case is was seen through LOLC Holdings PLC and EXPOLANKA Holdings PLC. 

The companies showed the highest contribution to the erratic market movements with an impressive increase of 8% in market price to show for it.  

Sri Lanka is not the only country to show such erratic movements today (28th,  April), the Stock Market of India similarly demonstrated a high turnover in the  market despite the desperate situation the country is now faced with due to the  lack of oxygen in its hospitals.  

The efforts of the government may also a role in the market turnover for the  foreseeable future as recent programs in encouraging businesses to list in the  stock market has brought about a series of a possible new investments for eager  investors.  

In light of recent events the lessons most suitable for investors would be that the  market although may remain show decrease in trade during troubled times but 

an unexpected surge is not beyond the realm of possibility and eager observation  of the market movements is key for a successful investment.