Sri Lanka Grinds to a Halt
Posted 28,June

By Chehan Jayasuriya

In Local News

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Releasing a statement, cabinet spokesman Minister Bandula Gunewarde requested Sri Lankans to stay at home from midnight of June 27 until July 10, as the country has run out of fuel due to the inability to pay off fuel suppliers.

As per a cabinet decision, fuel will be issued only to essential services such as port, health, food distribution, and agricultural transport services.

Sri Lankan private buses have found themselves unable to operate in the present atmosphere, with less than 10% of buses in operation.

Sri Lanka’s indefinite fuel supply interruption was created as Sri Lanka ran out of dollars provided through the Indian credit lines. The issue was exacerbated as fuel suppliers, and foreign banks refused to accept letters of credit issued by Sri Lankan state banks.

Sri Lankan private bus owners called for a revision of bus fares as fuel prices were raised once again by exorbitant amounts on Sunday, the 26th of June.

“Inter-provincial transport will most likely stop,” Minister Gunewardena. “We expect private companies in export and tourism will continue to provide uninterrupted services.”

However, Minister Gunewardena further stated that Sri Lanka is expecting to have a better supply of fuel from July 10. He refused to elaborate further on the matter.