Sri Lanka Can Bounce Back: Alaina B Teplitz 
Posted 10,September

By Chaveendra Dunuwille

In Local News

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The US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Alaina B Teplitz commented on Sri Lanka’s growing appetite for economic and social growth in an interview with the “Awarelouge Initiative” 

In the interview, the Ambassador referenced Sri Lanka’s economic resilience and stated that the last 3 years have only bolstered Sri Lanka’s appetite for economic growth. Ambassador Alaina further stated that Sri Lanka is a hub of innovation and creativity referencing the local boy who made a solar panel-powered tuk-tuk as an example. 

However, she emphasized that this innovation alone will not help and that the country must have a strong desire for economic growth and the development of a more outward-focused economy. She highlighted the nation’s potential in the energy and technology sectors 

In the interview, the Ambassador also talked about improving US- Sri Lanka relationships and stated that the US will support Sri Lanka’s reconciliation effort with regards to the countries various human rights issues.