Sri Lanka – 2nd Best Location For Digital Nomads 
Posted 18,June

By Chaveendra Dunuwille

In Local News

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With the onset of the global Co-vid 19 pandemic the site of employee’s in an office  environment has become a rare sight. According to a recent study conducted by  the influential French Travel and Tourism operator ‘Club Med’ we may soon say  goodbye to the office cubicles’ and the cramped commutes as more and more  companies are opening up to the idea of substituting the traditional office  environment with home offices with lush landscapes and sunshine.  

As travel restrictions ease around the world many are still unwilling to let go of  the benefits of working remotely and it has fused with the desire to roam giving  rise to ‘digital nomads’. Given the rising popularity of the new concept Club Med  created an index to list the best places to become a digital nomad.  

As part of the study factors a total of 8 factors such as cost of living, safety,  average internet speed, temperature, the presence of nature & wellness spots as  well as the number of relaxing and adventurous activities that are available in  the region were taken into consideration when determining the score in the  index.  

With a score of 238 out of 320 Sri Lanka was placed 2nd behind Thailand in the  Club Med index as one of the best places to be a digital nomad. It was noted that  “The Colourful country of Sri Lanka is a paradise for nomads”. In reaching 2nd place Sri Lanka had surpassed the likes of Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and  many other countries.