Prosperous Day Of Trading For The CSE Following Avurudu
Posted 17,April

By Chaveendra Dunuwille

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Following the Sinhala and Tamil New Year the Colombo Stock Exchange enjoyed  a first day of trading with a recorded turnover 30,739 trades with 197 million  shares changing hands with a value of LKR 4.7 billion. 

The trades resulted in an 86 point (1.1%) increase in the All Share Price Index  (ASPI) and a 15 point (0.5%) increase in the S&PSL20. 

LOLC Browns Investments, Vallibel One, Brown & Company as well as  Commercial Leasing made significant contributions to the increase in the ASPI  with Browns recording the highest turnover valued at LKR 793.6 million followed  by LOLC with LKR 463.3 million, Royal Ceramics LKR 441.8 million, Haleys with  426 million and Dipped products turnover valued at 375.3 million 

ASPI managed to record an YTD increase of 12.8% and S&PSL20 recorded a  16.75% increase demonstrating a sustained momentum of growth.  

Monday the 12th of April recorded a turnover of 3.5 billion resulting in a 1.34%  increase in the ASPI and a 1.46% increase in the S&PSL20. First capital  highlighted that the total number of trades surpassed 30 000, the highest  recorded after an 8 week period.  

Food, Beverages and Material sectors led the Capital goods sector by  contributing over 70% of the total turnover with parcel trade recording a 6%  turnover. With the price increase of institutes such as LOLC holdings and  Browns Investment the ASPI closed in the green as it closed for the new year on  the 13th and 14th of April as noted by NDB Equities.