October 2021 Welcomes 22,000 Tourists To Sri Lanka
Posted 10,November

By Chaveendra Dunuwille

In Local News

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With almost 60% of the country vaccinated, the government is taking steps to reopen the countries border and bring back tourists. 

While September saw the arrival of 13.547 tourists, the number increased by October 2021 as it saw the arrival of over 22.771 tourists bringing the total number of tourist arrivals to 60,695. An analysis of the tourist demographic shows that most of them are from neighboring India. 

October 2021’s tourist arrivals show 8406 from India, 2241 from the UK, 1228 from Russia, 1196 from Germany, 688 from Canada, 624 from France, and 573 from the United States. The January – September 2021 time frame shows a total of 18,466 tourists from India. The UK takes 2nd place with 4383 arrivals, and 3rd place goes to Germany with 3900 arrivals.