Meet Chinthaka: The Creator Of The Cute Political Punks NFT’s 
Posted 6,February

By Chaveendra Dunuwille

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Interview by Chaveendra Dunuwille. 

We at Ceylon Exchange Mentoring are always on the lookout for aspiring and creative individuals and organizations taking novel financial concepts to new heights. With the world getting caught up in the world of cryptocurrency and NFT’s, we wondered … is there anyone in Sri Lanka who is delving into the vast new digital realm? 

During our search, we met M.Y. Chinthaka Sandaruwan, a graphic designer and digital artist who is ready to leave his mark in the digital realm. 

Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself? 

While I was a student at Badulla Dharmadutha College, I started work as a freelance graphic designer. Looking back, I was more interested in graphic designing and digital art than my studies. 

After completing my Advanced Level Examination in 2010, I enrolled at the South Asian Institute of Technology & Medicine to complete the HND in Interactive Media. And during this time, I met Chamira Prasad and Co-founded Arimac Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd. 

Q: How did you get started on NFT’s? 

Before I started working on NFT’s, I tested out a lot of things. I worked on a lot of 2D & 3D animations. During this time, I watched a lot of YouTube tutorials on animations and graphic designs to try and figure out my own unique style. I constantly put the things I learned into practice, and for an entire month, I made one animation per day before discovering my unique style of artwork. 

Q: Can you walk us through the technical side of your NFT creation process? What sort of software do you use? 

To create NFT’s, I use a combination of Blender 3D, one of the popular software for digital creators. After I got the render outputs from Blender, I used github repo called Hashlips to generate the images that you see in my NFT’s. It does take a little bit of time to figure out, but it is quite a satisfying process to work with once you get the hang of it.

Q: Can you tell us about the Cute Political Punks NFT series? 

The Cute Political Punks NFT series is based on the political figures of Sri Lanka. The series has 225 NFT’s in total, and they have been further divided as divisional political punks, provincial political punks, and all-island political punks. The NFT series will be released in three stages. 

First, I will be releasing the 100 divisional political punks for 0.01 ETH per NFT. Second, the 66 provincial political punk NFT’s will be released for 0.015 ETH per NFT. Finally, the 55 All-Island political punk NFT’s will be released with a price tag of 0.020 ETH per NFT. I am also organizing a give-away where the 10 National List political punks NFT’s. There won’t be any duplicates of these NFT’s and their release will be according to a roadmap. 

(Note: These NFT’s are not targeting any particular individual or organization) Q: You mentioned a roadmap. Could you elaborate a bit more on that? 

Yes, so the NFT release and giveaway is actually the second stage of the roadmap. The roadmap consists of five steps. 

I consider the first stage of the roadmap as building up a follower base in my various social media platforms. After I have built a significant follower base, I can market the NFT’s and generate a lot of interest in the project. 

The third phase is heavily dependent on the success of the second phase. For the third phase, I plan on donating 10% of the sales to the Little Hearts Foundation. 

Afterward, in the fourth stage, I will announce another NFT collection that I am currently working on. The benefits of owning a political punk will really come into play in the fifth stage. 

Q: What sort of benefits can a Political Punk NFT owner expect? 

We plan on incorporating the NFT’s into our subsidiary, IMI Games. It’s an app with around 100 mini-games you can find and download via the Google Play store and

The IMI Team is in the process of developing a standalone game and my plan is for the Cute Political Punk NFT owners who play the game to receive some attractive in-game benefits. 

We also plan on creating an animated series using the Political Punks, where 15% of the revenue generated from the show will be split among the all-island political punk NFT holders.

Depending on the project’s success, we could also launch a series of merchandise and introduce the CPPunkverse. 

Q: What is your advice for aspiring NFT creators in Sri Lanka? 

My advice would be first to master your art and find your style. Absolutely anything can be turned into an NFT. Find out what is unique to you. Second, to build a good follower base, I found out that Twitter is the best social media platform. You can promote a lot of NFT related content, and it catches on very quickly. The sooner you start, the better. 

We at Ceylon Exchange Mentoring (Pvt.) Ltd. take this opportunity to wish Chinthaka the best of luck in continuing the Cute Political Punks NFT project. 

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