Lowest Weekly Tourist Arrivals Recorded In May's First Week
Posted 18,May

By Chehan Jayasuriya

In Local News

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Weekly tourist arrivals took a significant plunge in the first week of May, with only 9,494 recorded, the lowest so far in 2022. The number is also less than half of this year’s weekly average of 20,00 tourist arrivals per week.

The negative trend in tourist arrivals was caused by the political, economic, and social unrest prevailing in the country.

Provisional data released by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority showed that the average daily arrivals had dropped significantly from over 3,600 in March to 2,099 in April to 1,356 in the first week of May.

Year-to-date(YTD) tourist arrivals are recorded at 357,808, owing to the relatively peaceful period of January to March. Tourist arrivals in 2022 have already surpassed the total tourist arrivals recorded for 2021, which was recorded at 194,500.

With 1,262 arrivals, the UK topped tourist traffic to Sri Lanka for the first week of May, followed by India with 1,086 and Russia with 1,074. Tourists were also received from Germany, Canada, Australia, France, the US, Maldives, and Saudi Arabia.

India leads YTD tourist arrivals with 57,475 arrivals, followed by UK (43,793), Russia (42,665), Germany (29,450), France (19,421), Ukraine (13,668), Poland (12,274), Australia (10,804), Canada (9,253) and US (8,986).

The tourism industry fears a further drop in tourist arrivals, as several countries have issued adverse travel advisories amidst certain airlines having decided to reduce the frequencies they operate into Colombo.