JAT Receives CIDA SP01 Certification 
Posted 7,September

By Chaveendra Dunuwille

In Local News

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The Construction Industry Development Authority (CIDA) of Sri Lanka, the governmental body working towards enhancing competence and reliability in Sri Lanka’s construction sector to be on par with global standards recently issued Sri Lanka’s market leader in wood coating, JAT Holdings PLC with the SP01 certification.

SP refers to the Special Construction category where JAT Holdings received the certification for its floor, wall, and ceiling finishes (SP), furniture, fittings, and equipment (SP1). It was also extended to carpentry and joinery (SP2).

In order to be eligible for this certification the company was required to have a qualified in house supervisory staff of NVQ- level 3 or above, have completed projects with a cumulative worth of LKR 180 million, have an ISO standard certification, and maintain an ongoing CSR program that benefits the community.

The company which has confirmed immediate projects close excess of LKR 1 billion states that this victory will help them advance their business further.