Hela Apparels Holdings Begins Operations In Egypt
Posted 25,February

By Chaveendra Dunuwille

In Local News

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Sri Lanka’s leading apparel and textile manufacturer, Hela Apparels Holdings has expanded its global footprint by formally commencing operations in Egypt. 

The company established a 275,000 square foot manufacturing facility in the Alexandria Governorate which is equipped to accommodate over 2500 employees in a single shift with potential for further expansion. 

The Alexandrian facility would be the 12th directly operated by Hela Apparels, allowing them to expand globally and solidify their position as one of the leading textile manufacturers in Africa as the company takes advantage of Egypt’s well established textile supply chain and Alexandria’s skill base in apparel manufacturing. 

The supply runs to Europe and the UK can now be achieved in 3 days while supplies to North America will only take 12. Hela has indefinite access to the EU and UK through Egypt’s bilateral free trade agreements and to the USA via the Qualifying Industrial zone initiative. 

The new facility has allowed Hela Apparels to provide attractive near shore manufacturing options, strengthen its African foothold, and focus on supplying the world’s leading clothing brands and manufacturers.