Hayleys PLC Becomes Sri Lanka’s No.1 Corporate For 2020/21
Posted 24,November

By Chaveendra Dunuwille

In Local News

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Lanka Monthly Digest (LMD) Top 100, considered Sri Lanka’s version of Fortune 500 & Business Today Top 40 have both named Haleys PLC as Sri Lanka’s number one corporate for 2020/21. 

LMD’s Top 100 list focuses on the dynamic nature, innovation & resilience of companies. In contrast, Business Today’s Top 40 took into account the social and national interest generated by the business endeavors of companies. Haley’s being no. 1 in both lists implies that it is the most dynamic, innovative, and resilient corporate and the corporate to generate the most social and national interest through its business endeavors. 

2020/21 ranking marks the 5th consecutive year and 8th occasion Haleys PLC has become number one in the LMD Top 100. 

With its 30,000 employees, Haleys managed to achieve significant growth in its value-added export-oriented business, which accounted for $600 million of the nation’s total foreign earnings and 4.2% of the total export income.