ExpoLanka: Sri Lanka’s Most Profitable Company Become Sri Lanka’s First Half-a Trillion Company
Posted 1,December

By Chaveendra Dunuwille

In Local News

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With its consistent performance despite the complications of the pandemic, Sri Lanka’s most profitable listed company ExpoLanka Holdings PLC reached another milestone yesterday. 

Closing the day at LKR 515.1 billion, more than 10% of the CSE’s total, ExpoLanka became Sri Lanka’s first half-a-trillion company. The milestone was reached due to the share price rising by 6.57% (LKR 16.23) to LKR 263.50. 

In 2020, the closing price of ExpoLanka was a mere LKR 29, which allowed them to achieve a market capitalization of LKR 56.7 billion, reaching only the 13th position. Yesterday’s performance demonstrated a near ten-fold increase year to-date. 

2021 so far witnessed the trade of 7.22 million ExpoLanka shares via 4714 transactions generating around LKR 1.86 billion. Last week, the company share reached a new-52 week high of LKR 250 per share and closed at LKR 247.25. 14.7 million Shares changed hands in 11,712 trades last week and generated over LKR 3.4 billion. 

ExpoLanka reached a market capitalization of LKR 422.7 billion this October, with the share price closing at LKR 216.25. October 2021 saw 67.86 million shares change hands in 52,757 trades generating LKR 14 billion. 

ExpoLanka’s consistent performance despite the limitations of the pandemic allowed them to record profits of LKR 27 billion for the past- four quarters.