EXPO LANKA Records Massive Growth Amidst Global Challenges  
Posted 2,May

By Chaveendra Dunuwille

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From humble beginnings as an exporter of fresh produce in 1978, Expo Lanka  Holdings PLC over the years has transformed into a global conglomerate rooted  in Sri Lanka specializing in the fields of Investment, Leisure and Logistics  providing exceptional services to customers all over the world. Despite the  challenging backdrop of the global co-vid 19 pandemic that has forced  businesses and the economy to a near grinding halt EXPO LANKA has persevered and managed to record significant earnings in the 20/21 financial year. 

A testament to the growth of the company is visible simply by observing the first  three months 2021. The company managed to record a total revenue of LKR 75  billion, an astonishing 217% growth from the previous year. Furthermore the  company recorded a 160% growth in gross profit compared to the previous year to value at LKR 11.59 billion. A total of LKR 4 billion was recorded as the Profit  After Tax (PAT) for the first three months of the year. This PAT was recorded  despite a loss of LKR 333 million in the previous financial year. 

Taking the entire financial year from March 2020 – March 2021 into  consideration the company recorded a 111% growth in revenue raising it from  LKR 103 billion to a total of LKR 218 billion. The Gross profit of the company was shown to have doubled to LKR 38 billion during the same time period.  Despite a loss of LKR 437 million in the previous year the company managed to  achieve a massive PAT of LKR 14.8 billion. Furthermore the net asset value of  the company has also shown an increase from LKR 6.47 to LKR 13.89.  

The growth in the company can be stated to be a direct result of careful planning  and strategizing in overcoming the obstacles of the global pandemic such as the  restrictions imposed on worldwide trade. The company has careful navigated the  challenges and has helped improve the company by the expansion of its service  portfolio an example of which is its expansion of operations to the America’s,  investment in technology, focus on consistent customer centric strategy which  also allowed for new customers to engage in business and the implementation of  long term partnerships supported by proactive procurement strategies. 

The company’s sources of revenue is mainly divided into 3 categories as logistics,  investments and leisure. The reports show that most of the company’s profits  are from the logistics sector while the investments and leisure sector have yet to  peak due to the prevailing global pandemic. If the situation is to continue this  trend is most likely to remain.