Ethereum Founder Becomes The Youngest Crypto Currency Billionaire 
Posted 4,May

By Chaveendra Dunuwille

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With the concept of crypto currency become more popular as the days pass along  with the rising popularity of decentralized finances replacing the traditional  system of central banks any individual who invested in crypto currency at the  very beginning would be reaping its tremendous monetary benefits in the present  day.  

The Ethereum block chain founded in 2015 currently has a market capitalization  of $376 billion making it the second most popular crypto currency in the world  second only to the famous Bitcoin which holds a market capitalization of $1.08  trillion.  

As of 1.30 pm ET Monday the price of an Ether was recorded at $3278, to put  into perspective a single ether would have a value of 664,132.43 in Sri Lankan  currency. The surge recorded on Monday was the first time the value of ether  exceeded $3000 showing an unprecedented 325% rise since the beginning of this  year 

The Founder of Ether Vitalik Buterin, aged 27 has now become the world’s  youngest crypto billionaire as a result of the surge in value. His ether wallet is  host to 333,520 ether coins which now worth over $ 1.09 billion.