Disneyland in Sri Lanka? Fact or Fiction?
Posted 9,April

By Chaveendra Dunuwille

In Local News

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Mikey Mouse, Donald Duck, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and many more…they  have been a part of the lives of generations of young children all over the world  ever since the 1930’s. With movies, toys and other merchandise it would be a  task that would be rival the legendary 12 labours of Hercules to find someone  whose life has not been influenced by these remarkable characters.  

July 17th, 1955 brought these beloved characters from the big screen to the real  world as Anaheim, California saw the world’s first Disney theme park built under  the direct supervision of the creator Walt Disney. Currently the world has a total  of 6 Disney theme parks all across the world. The 2nd Disney theme park of the  USA is located in Florida while the others 4 are located in Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai  and Hong Kong.  

Recently an article first appeared in the prominent Sri Lankan news source  www.newswire.lk stating that South Asia’s first operating Disney theme park is  proposed to be built in Bopitiya Leisure Park and this news has become one of  the most trending topics of discussion in social media platforms. 

According to the information released this theme park is to be constructed by  the Korea Cavitation Co. which has historically made many investments in  Malaysia. The president of the company Baekgeum Kim and the Sri Lankan  Representative of the company Dr. Parimala Rajo Isa Micheal have made  statements stating that they have engaged in negotiations to obtain a 150 acre  land on a lease basis.  

Plans for the construction is reported to have entered high gear as the company  hopes raise US $ 400 million via international funding mainly from Malaysia and  South Korea. Sources state that 30% of the funding was collected before the  surge of the pandemic. Furthermore with the number of Co-vid 19 patients  decreasing in Sri Lanka the company hopes to attract potential investors from  nations such as India. The theme park will also consist of a 300 room hotel which  will be constructed to accommodate tourists and is to be handed over to an  international operator to manage.  

It is without a doubt that the potential prospect of a Disney theme park being  brought to Sri Lanka has captivated the eyes of many onlookers. However the  credibility of the news still remains in question.  

There have been no official conformations made by the government with regards  to this arrangement nor have there been any announcements made the Disney  Company regarding this supposed theme park construction. The original article  published stated, 

“The proposed park will be similar to Genting Highlands in Malaysia”

Genting Highlands is a theme park in Malaysia that consists of many rides and  games, however this park has no affiliations with the Disney franchise so if this  park is similar to Genting it is not a true magic kingdom but something else  entirely.  

Many in social media platforms such as Reddit and twitter have made parallels  to the news of the proposed construction of a Volkswagen factory that was  widespread around social media sometime back considered this as nothing more  than an advertising puff to garner interest in the upcoming theme park.  

Whether or not a real Disney theme park would arrive in Sri Lanka is yet to be  announced by official sources, as responsible individuals it only right for us not  believe everything that is going around and pay attention to the proper sources and await the further development of the story.