Digital Nomads To Get One Year Visa
Posted 14,July

By Chaveendra Dunuwille

In International News

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The onset of the global pandemic has caused nations to rethink their strategies for attracting tourists and many have now embraced the fast growing concept of ‘digital nomads’ and are now making plan to attract such individuals as a part of the countries tourism and travel sectors. 

Digital nomads is the term used to define individuals who use digital technology for their livelihood and to travel around the world and with the global pandemic effectively placing the tourism industry in a no win situation many nations including Sri Lanka have openly embraced this concept and are now making plans to further facilitate its growth. 

The Minister for Tourism Prassana Ranatunga presented a proposal to cabinet which called for the launching of a promotional program via the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau with the aim of attracting digital tourists. Government research pointed out that many digital nomads gather in public libraries and restaurants and the availability of high speeds internet connections, long term visas, affordable accommodations and tax exemptions from earnings are what draw many to Sri Lanka. 

The decision for allowing extended visa’s was approved by Cabinet on Monday. 

Sri Lanka has been recognized as a favourable environment for digital nomads as the influential French travel and tourism operator Club Med named Sri Lanka the second best place for digital nomads with a score of 238 out of 320.