Confectionery Exporters Plan To Move Out Of Sri Lanka 
Posted 19,November

By Chaveendra Dunuwille

In Local News

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Local confectionery exporters have reached the breaking point. High Manufacturing costs, supply constraints, and no policy direction in the 2022 budget have caused many to consider moving overseas to more desirable locations. 

Despite extensive orders, local manufacturers have been struggling for more than one and a half years. Now, exporters worth $150 – 200 million are exploring the opportunities to move production to countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Bangladesh. 

According to S.D.Suriyakumar, President of the Lanka Confectionery Manufacturers Association (LCMA) Sri Lankan confectioneries are exported to over 50 countries. Companies have invested over LKR 10 billion to bring the latest technology to prepare world-class confectionaries. 

According to the LCMA President, the drain of exporters from Sri Lanka will result in 550,000 people being unemployed and dry up a steady source of foreign income, a crippling blow to the already fragile economy. 

Suriyakumar expressed disappointment in discussions with authorities not leading to tangible solutions and the lack of direction in the 2022 budget, which has completely ignored the industry.