Co-vid Rise And Tourism Falls  
Posted 6,May

By Chaveendra Dunuwille

In Local News

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According to the latest data released by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development  Authority (SLTDA) the total number of tourists arrived in the country in the  month of April was recorded as 4168. The total is a 9% drop from the previous  month and is reflective of the surge of local and global cases of Co-vid 19.  

Since the pandemics arrival in March 2020 it has been a constant struggle to  reinforce one of the most prominent industries of the nation. With the  unprecedented rise in recent cases with the total of new cases surpassing 1000+  over the last seven days in May 2021 the struggle is becoming a lot more  challenging.  

The statistics released show that April recorded a total of 796 visitors from India  amounting for 19% of total arrivals followed closely by China with 475 (11.4%)  and Kazakhstan with 440 visitors, an estimated 10.6% of total arrivals in April  2021. Further Germany and the United Kingdom recorded 383 and 384 visitors  respectively contributing 9.2% and 8.0% to the total arrivals in the country.  

With the latest date the European region consist of the highest source traffic amounting to 50.9% of the total tourist arrivals followed by the Asia Pacific  Region with 35.7% and the Americas amounting to 10% of the tourist arrivals in  April 2021.