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Bezos Auctions Seat In Space Flight For $28 Million 
Posted 14,June

By Chaveendra Dunuwille

In Local News

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Back in the 1960’s the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and the United  States of America were locked in a heated competition to conquer the frontier of  space as an extension of the Cold War which the two great superpowers were in  the midst of. The USSR made history by sending the first artificial earth satellite 

Sputnik 1, the first animal ‘Laika’ (dog) and the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin to  space while the American fought back by landing the first man on the moon. In  the 21st century it would seem that the world’s billionaires are getting a piece of  the action with their own space race.  

Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos’s company Blue Origin which he founded in 2000  and supported financially by the sales of Amazon stock recently auctioned a seat  of its space venture for $28 million. According to the Director of Astronaut and  Orbital sales Ariane Cornell the New Shepard rocket, which carries a capsule  designed for 6 people will carry a total of 4 individuals which includes the  Amazon founder, his brother Mark, the auction winner and another passenger  whose names have yet to be revealed.  

The bid which started at $4 million quickly rose to over $20 million within the  first few minutes eventually finalizing at $28 million. The proceeds from the  auction will be transferred to Blue Origin’s education focused non-profit Club for  the Future in order to support kids interested in STEM careers (Science,  Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)  

The reusable New Shepard Rocket & Capsule which had previously carried out  dozens of test flights without passengers will launch on the 20th of July and  reach an altitude of about 340,000 feet. The massive windows of the capsule will  allow for its passengers to perceive a breath taking view of the earth’s surface  along with a zero gravity experience of about 3 minutes. Coincidently the date of  the launch marks the 52nd anniversary of the Apollo 11 flight that made  Commanders Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin the first men to walk on the moon.  

Blue Origin’s rocket launch will be latest move in the Billionaire’s space race where the Amazon founder is in competition with Tesla Founder Elon Musk’s  Space X and English Business Magnate Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic.  Both Branson and Bezos have placed their focus on ‘suborbital tourism’ where space craft would take passengers to the edge of space while Space X have  focused on multi-day trips referred to as Orbital Tourism.  

In little over a month we will be able to find who will be crowned the ‘First  Billionaire in space’, from the looks of it Bezos is poised to win the title, but only  time will tell what is in store for this modern space race.