70% Renewable Energy Target By 2030 
Posted 7,September

By Chaveendra Dunuwille

In Local News

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The Cabinet recently approved a proposal submitted by Energy Minister Udaya Gammanpila which called for the Expression of Interest (EOI’s) from local and foreign investors to fund solar and wind power plants with a 50MW energy generating capability.

The new proposal comes as the latest initiative to be a part of the roadmap outlined by the Presidential Task Force on Creating a Green Sri Lanka with Sustainable Solutions to Climate Change which was presented back in March by the president himself.

Currently, the country’s total energy generating capacity is around 4050 MW with it being divided between coal power plants that generate 900 MW, oil burning thermal power plants that generate 1335 MW, hydropower stations that generate 1375 MW, and 442 MW which are generated by non-conventional renewable energy sources such as biogas and wind.

The ambitious plan of the government hopes to increase the countries solar and wind power plants’ energy generating capacity. Currently, Sri Lanka’s solar capacity is around 458 MW while the country’s wind capacity is around 248 MW. Through investments from both local and foreign investors, the government hopes to increase these capacities by an additional 4800 MW and 3500 MW respectively.